slippers.pngAt Geri Fashions we supply many types of Velcro slippers for the elderly and Velcro shoes for the elderly. Our Velcro slippers are like a standard slipper but with Velcro closures that provide protection while still being comfortable to wear. We also carry shoes for elderly women and men's Velcro shoes. Our women's adjustable slippers also known as women's slippers with Velcro closure or women's Velcro closure slippers are good for both indoor and outdoor use as they have a hard rubber sole that make them easy to walk in. We do have open toe shoes for seniors as well. Our selection of Velcro open toe slippers for elderly are very comfortable. We carry many Velcro slippers for disabled people and Velcro slippers for swollen feet as well.

Shoes for swollen feet are a common need for people who have diabetes. We carry diabetic shoes for women and diabetic shoes for men. These can also be referred to as lymphedema shoes, edema shoes or orthopedic sneakers. These women's shoes for swollen feet and men's shoes for swollen feet are extra wide shoes with Velcro closures that will allow the shoe to fit properly and be easily put on and taken off.

Geri Fashions strives to carry products that cater to those with a disability such as ALS, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Bariatric, Bedridden, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Diabetic, Edema, Muscular Dystrophy, Paraplegic, mobility issues due to shoulder surgery and being bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. At Geri Fashions we also provide convenient, fast shipping right to your home in Canada or the USA. Have any questions about our line or products? Call us at our toll free number and our helpful customer service team based in Oakville Ontario will be more than happy to help.