Ladies' Cozy Knit Seatless Slacks

$50.00 - $55.00

Ladies Cozy Knit adaptive pants are a great option for those who are looking for optimal comfort. Our Cozy Knit pant is made up of 78% polyester 19% Rayon and 3% spandex. This allows for stretch and durability in the wash. With adaptive capabilities this garment can be opened completely in the back with snap closures to provide ease of changing. The Ladies Cozy Knit Adaptive Pants have an elastic waistband and protection flaps that cover the backside if the individual is in a standing or upright position. These pair of pants are best for those who are not mobile and are being looked after by a caretaker. With a wide variety of colours and sizes the Ladies Cozy Knit Adaptive Pants are a staple in many closets. 

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