Front Closure Bra


This Ladies Front Closure Bra is an amazing option for those with limited mobility and dexterity who still want to dress themselves. Opened and closed in the front, this bra requires minimal strain on arms and shoulders. With material loops conveniently placed in the front you only need your hands and palms to put on and remove the bra. This front closing bra has raised up straps that are not adjustable.

Content: 90% Cotton  10% Spandex


If you are looking for a front closure bra with adjustable straps try taking a look at our Ladies Bra with Front Closure & Adjustable Straps

How to Use the Bra

  1. Put on the bra by placing your arms through the arm holes, with the bra's opening at the front.
  2. Using your left hand, place your thumb through the downward facing loop. Be sure your palm is resting on your stomach. This will anchor the bra.
  3. Using your right hand, place your thumb through the top loop.
  4. Move both hands towards the center and slide the metal fasteners together to secure them. 
  5. Fasten each metal hook individually. Using your right hand, put your thumb through top loop to help fasten the top hook and use the bottom loop to fasten the bottom hook. Use your thumb and finger through both the top and bottom loop to fasten the middle hook.
  6. Once all hooks have been fastened, press the front of the bra with your hand to secure the Velcro.

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