Ladies Adaptive

Geri Fashions’ women’s adaptive clothing lets you enjoy life by taking the stress out of getting dressed, while still looking fashionable.

If you have chronic conditions, healing injuries, reduced mobility, or a disability, we offer a wide range of accessories and adaptive fashions designed to remove the inconvenient stress and troublesome strain found with traditional types of clothing.

No more struggling with laces, ties, buttons, zippers or fasteners as we offer easy solutions to make clothing uncomplicated. These great solutions are nearly impossible to detect from the front, and can make a caregiver's job much easier.

Adaptive clothing helps you manage specific conditions thanks to a extensive line of easy wear clothing products such as: open back nightgowns and adaptive arthritis skirts. This clothing is a great way to avoid the time consuming threats of pulled muscles, strained back and pinched fingers. For those in wheelchairs, we offer a wide variety of seatless pants.

Need sizing information? View our Geri Fashions Clothing Size Guide.