Geri Fashions is the brainchild of two nurses who worked in local nursing homes. They realized, through their own experiences, that clothing could be designed to make dressing, easier for both the care giver and the patient/resident with reduced mobility in their limbs. A unique line of clothing was born and our travelling boutiques provide the means to bring the product to the customer.

The professionals at Geri Fashion have since sought out new designers and manufacturers who were willing to address the issues of people with special clothing needs. Together, as teams, we have developed fashions that are attractive, comfortable and easy to get on and off for the wheel-chair bound and customers who require assistance with dressing and fashionable current apparel for our ambulatory clients. Our open back garments feature dome closures on the shoulders, providing a generous overlap of fabric so that the dignity of the individual is maintained. There is a full range of garments - tops (men and women), dresses, nightwear (nightgowns and nightshirts), and under vests. We carry two styles of adapted pants for both men and women. The seatless pant provides full lower back coverage for the wheelchair dependent, non-weight bearing individual. The side-dome pant, with domes at each side of the waist, eases the problems of struggling with an elastic waist. Both styles of pants are sold separately and can be mixed and matched with various tops; as well leisure suits are available in both styles for both men and women.

Each season our experienced buyers meet the following criteria:

  • Fashionable styles for seniors and the young at heart (regular and adapted)
  • Newest colours and fabrications that will withstand most laundry challenges
  • A range of pricing options to fit all budgets

 Fashions as individual and special as those who wear them.


About Lyrel Waldie

Lyrel has been in retail for over 40 years and even has worked in Houston, Texas and San Francisco.

Inspired by her grandmother, Mrs. E. Hindle who lived to be 105 years old, Lyrel has always loved interacting with people. This led to a desire to be in sales. She loves to serve her customers.

She has two daughters, Jennifer and Jacqueline and a great mom, Margaret, who is 93 years old.

Lyrel bought the business in 1986 and it has increased dramatically as the population of Baby Boomers are now our Seniors.

Why has she stayed so dedicated and so loves what she does? Lyrel smiles and says "It is such a gratifying business. We make a lot of people very happy."